Project 365- Day 8- Thoughts and Photographs

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”  ~Theodore Roosevelt


“Life is a gift.  Never forget to enjoy and live in every moment you are in.” ~UnknownIMG_0414-001

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ~Confucius


“Saying nothing…sometimes says the most.” ~Emily Dickinson



Project 365- Day 6- I am at peace….

The day had finally arrived!  Today we were going to get answers to the long awaited results of what is going on with my daughter.  I was ready for any and everything.  She was tested for her hemoglobin, anemia, parasites, bloody stools, lead, TB, Celiac Disease, liver and kidney functions and IBS.  All of these lab results were in except for one, the IBS.  The results all came out negative with the exception of Celiac Disease.  As I mentioned in a previous post in order to be positive you have to test higher than 6, negative would test lower than 6, my daughter tested right at 6 not giving us a clear answer. 

So what next?!  Well, there is one more test that is specifically used to confirm whether or not a person has Celiac Disease when the blood work is unclear.  That  “test” would be to have a biopsy done of her small intestine which means my daughter would have to be put to sleep and have a tube inserted through her mouth, down her throat and into her intestine to get the biopsy.  At first, I was all for it.  YES! whatever had to be done lets do it.  Then I came to realize that Celiac Disease can not be cured and can be controlled by just changing ones diet.  If that is the case then why not just change my daughters diet as if she does have Celiac Disease and not put her through the biopsy.  I pondered this all day.  I talked to family and friends.  I even had a conversation with the Doctor and he said that medically that’s what the protocol is but that as a Doctor he said if I decided to just go ahead and change her diet that it would be fine.  My daughter is healthy and not malnourished.  The only concern he had was that her growth has slowed down.  She is a petite little thing, I am not too concerned about it but he would like to know why.  Her doctor has agreed to keep in contact with us via e-mail and is willing to contact medical in Okinawa to share my daughters medical history so that she can be seen and treated accordingly if need be.

Although, I do not have the answers I was hoping for I have peace in my heart and my mind is at ease.  I just have to go day by day.  She is happy, healthy and very energetic and I am leaving her full health and care in Gods hands.  We will continue to push for answers once we are on the island but for now we have to just let it be.

Joyce Meyer once said, “Faith is the only thing I know, that is Stronger than Fear”  I shall fear no more, for I know God is watching over us.


Much love and blessing to all.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers.  Good Night!

Project 365- Day 5- Girl-friends

What can I say?!  I have been blessed with the most amazing, strong, intelligent, humble, courageous and beautiful girl-friends and girl could ever ask for.  Our friendsships are not like high school friendships in which we are inseparable but they are the most uplifiting group that I know I can turn to at any given moment.  What makes my group of friends unique and special is that we are all from different walks of life.  Different ages (but let’s not go there) :p different personalities, which you think might clash but we make it work.  My group of friends has been through everything from cancer, siezures, surgeries, deaths, divorce, child losses, new home owners, new additions to the family, new jobs, new goals, weight loss, half marathon accomplishments, becoming grandmas, blessing from above, and every other thing in between.  You name it and one of my girls has had some kind of experience with it whether directly or indirectly.

I had the privilege (every time I am in their presence it is a true priviliege) to have dinner with some of these ladies last night.  I loved every minute of our conversations and was humble at how amazing these women are.   You see what makes us different is that we have never once NOT ONCE gotten mad at eachother or into a catty argument.  We all agree to disagree, we don’t hold judgement but what is truly amazing about us is that we support and lift eachother higher at all times.  We are very vulnerable beings and I loved the fact that last night at least every one of us at some point vented and had tears in our eyes and their were no judgements just words of encouragement…a peace of mind that it would be ok and that WE would make sure it would be ok.

Words can not express the gratitude and genuine LOVE that I feel for these women.  I am going to miss them physically but emotionally and mentally I know our friendships will grow even though we will be miles apart.  Ladies, when I say I love you, I mean it!  As tears fill my eyes as I type I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being YOU!  With all you faults, your highs and lows you all are bad asses in my book and I would not trade you for the world.  Love you and god bless you.


Project 365- Day 4 (life through my childs eyes)

Ever wonder how your children see the world?  We spend all this time as parents trying our best to teach them about life and the world around us.  We do everything we possibly can from the best study materials, to the books they read, even research what school would be their best fit.  We go above and beyond and we are confident in what we do because we are parents and we know what and how to teach our kids right!?

I “gifted” my daughter my old digital camera and she was so excited.  She immediately began taking pictures of everything and I mean EVERYTHING!!!  A crack on the wall, a piece of paper, you name it she photographed it.  Tonight, as I sat here in my hotel room on my laptop contemplating what this blog should be about I inserted the SD card from her camera and was AMAZED at the photographs she had captured.

Sure there were tons of pictures of random people and every dog that walked by her but, there were some really good thought out pictures in which she actually staged.  Out of all the ones she took there was one that by far was my favorite!

As we were walking around Seaport Village, I saw her grab these little yellow flowers.  We walked over to this fountain and I saw her place these flowers down.  I noticed she kept taking picture of the same three flowers.  At one point, I even told her that she had taken enough pictures of them.  She replied, “it’s not coming out right mommy.”  She continued to take pictures until she was satisfied.  I am mind blown at the fact that my daughter saw this as beauty and that she was able to stage something so simple to be so beautiful and captivating.  Well, at least in my eyes its beautiful and captivating 😉  I love taking pictures of nature, of things in their natural elements.  She staged and captured something that I would have staged and captured.  Like mother, like daughter right!?  I can’t wait to see how my daughter views life and this world through her eyes with a camera.  I am thrilled with her new found love for photography and I hope to get a better look into my daughters soul as she captures the moments in her life that are beautiful to her.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” -Angela Schwindt


Project 365- Day 3- UPDATE!!!!

Today was an awesomely relaxed day.  I got a glimpse of what living in a hotel for the next two months will be like and it may be a bit more challenging than I thought but we will manage…my gut on the other hand…yeah lets not touch that subject…weight gain -_-  ANY-WHO, we spent an awesome day exploring the grounds.  This Navy Lodge is AMAZING!!!  We are right on the beach, they have an amazing pool, playground and did I mention its right on the beach!!!


The weather was AMAZING today for our exploration.  We got back to the room and took a nap after lunch.  I was awakened by a phone call.  It was my daughters Doctor.  For those of you that have not been following and are just tuning in, my daughter had been sick for 5 weeks tummy pains, vomiting the works.  We could not figure out what was wrong with her.  After many doctors visits, emergency room visits and TONS of blood work we played around with the idea that she may have Celiac Disease.  I was hoping to get a solid answer today but I didn’t.  Her hemoglobin levels are not bad but not good, they are “ok” and in order for you to test positive for celiac disease you must have a number >6 to test negative you need a number <6, well my munchkin tested RIGHT.AT. 6!!!! The doctor did not feel comfortable saying that she is positive for it or that she is negative.  We are awaiting one more set of results which we hope to get on Monday when she goes for her physical.  There have been no pains (PRAISE GOD) I now know what makes her have pains when it comes to certain foods.  It’s just a matter of finding out why.  Regardless, I feel at peace.  I feel God all around us.  I know SO many people have been praying for her health and I am truly grateful for that.  For now we wait until Monday and in the meantime enjoy this stay-cation. 🙂

Project 365- Day 2 Moving Day

It happened! They have packed us up and we won’t be seeing our stuff until a guesstimated date of March 3!!!!! Hotel and suitcase living here we go.

I tried to hold back tears as I saw the height measurements we recorded for the kids on their doors. Many good memories. They each grew into their own little person in this house.

Whoever the new tenants will be (hoping it’s a family) I hope they make a ton of new memories with backyard barbecues, summer night bonfires, Christmas morning hot cocos by the fire place and just fill this place with love!



Project 365

Happy New Year! I wish you all enough love, happiness, success and good health in 2014.

Project 365 will be a blog entry for everyday in 2014. Some may be blogs on my move to Japan, others may just be a quote or a picture. This year I will be featuring my daughters photographs and thoughts while on our new journey. My daughter will be 7 years old next month. I gifted her my old digital camera and have noticed she has a good eye for capturing life.

Tomorrow the movers come to pack up our final shipment, it’s a weird mix of emotions. We are still awaiting lab results for my daughter and I. These results can make or break us joining my husband in Japan. Your continued prayers are much appreciated!

P.S. I’m trying out the new word press app 😘

Love and light to all. Good night!