Request Granted….

Oye Vey!!!!!

What a roller coaster this move to Japan has been and we haven’t even left the states yet.  As the time to leave is approaching fast we began to realize how much we had to do BEFORE we left.  This realization hit us hard TODAY.  We went out to spend time with family and de-stress a little.  When we arrived home my husband said he would call to ask for an extension so that we can get things done around here.  He said he couldn’t promise anything but that he was going to aim for a leave date of December 29th.  I thought, PERFECT!  One more Christmas here in the states with my family and friends.  Then I thought (to myself) man, it would be nice to bring in the New Year with all the people I love but that’s pushing it.  The poor guy is already dealing with all my emotions about this trip just be thankful for what he can get.

He goes to make the phone call and says they are granting our request.  I am extremely happy but what TOTALLY made my day was when he said our new report date

JANUARY 12, 2014!!!!!!!


Yup. 2014 BABY!  Not only do I get my Thanksgiving and Christmas but I also get to bring in the New Year here.  I am beyond STOKED and BLESSED.  I am so sorry to all of you who keep planning going away parties and get together for me.  I thank you all for your patience and understanding.

I LOVE YOU ALL….. woot woot!!!


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