It’s happening…

As I prepare for our family to move half way across the world things start to get serious.  I wrote up my last will and testament last week and it really brought things into perspective.  I never knew I would get so emotional about writing my will.  Why did I decide to do this now? Well I have had one since I was  21 years old and since then I have gotten married and had two children.  With this trip and flying over seas (I hate flying by the way) I felt I should just update it.  As a matter of fact I think everyone should have one.  After experiencing my nephews death last year we had so many questions of how things should be done.  A Last Will and Testament sorta leaves answers for any questions that may arise in your death so why not be prepared and lessen your families grief by giving them well thought out answers. 

On the other hand my princess has been sick for almost a month now and doctors can not seem to find out what is wrong with her.  I turned to my Hispanic roots tonight after seeing her in pain and I had my husband and mom take my daughter to a sobadora.  A sobadora is a healing masseuse and let me tell you my munchkin felt good after todays visit.  I will keep a close eye on her in the following days and I would appreciate any and all prayers for her body to be restored back to health.

As the days get closer to our departure from the states we prepare for the movers to come and pack up our house next week.  It has been really difficult to decide what to pack, what to leave and what to throw away.  I never realized how much of a pack rat I am.  We received a package from Okinawa today from our sponsor.  He sent us a guide to Okinawa filled with any and everything that we may want to know and explore about living on the island.  I must say that we were blessed with the most amazing sponsor.  On January 2 we will be checking in to the Navy Lodge in Coronado while our house gets prepped for the new tenants and our final shipment gets packed.  That’s when we, as a family will get our first glimpse of what living in a hotel will be like and living out of a suitcase.  We are lucky enough to get a hotel right in front of a beach 😉  A little stay-cation before our two year vacation. 

This weekend will be a fun and busy weekend as it will be the last weekend that I will have ALL my family together before my move.  I have family coming from Nevada and some from up North.  We will also be taking family pictures and celebrating my sons 4th birthday.  After this weekend it will be phone calls and a ton of skyping.  I am sad to know I will not see my family for two years but am excited about the adventure that we are about to embark on.  It’s all in Gods plan.


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