A Mother’s Intuition…

amayaWhat is it about women that once they become mother’s they get these super powers in every aspect of life?  It’s almost as if having  children gives us a 6th sense.  What I am referring to is a mother’s intuition.  I had my first-born almost 7 years ago.  She was my first miracle baby.  Within minutes of having my daughter I felt this need to protect her.  It was a very overwhelming feeling.   I constantly watched her making sure her little chest would move up and down to breathe, place my ear next to her mouth to hear her soft gentle puffs of air.  Yes, I will admit, I even held a mirror under her nose to make sure she was breathing.  My every movement mimicked hers.  The day she was born we were one.  I now had my heart on the outside of me and it was more fragile and vulnerable than ever.

She was two weeks old when I admitted her to the hospital.  She was throwing up more than she was eating and had become dehydrated.  She was only in the hospital for two days and they were the longest two days EVER!  The doctors couldn’t quite figure out why she had been throwing up and after 48 hrs in the hospital they released us.  I watched her like a hawk.  The vomiting had subsided but now she was spitting up more than usual.  EVERYONE told me this was normal.  I however got my first glimpse of what “a mother’s intuition” was.   Something inside me told me this wasn’t right.  One night I woke up from my sleep, turned to look at her and she was turning blue in her lips.  She had spit up in her sleep and was choking on it.  I took her in to be seen and she was diagnosed with severe acid reflux.  When the medicines that were prescribed to her didn’t work, I pushed the doctors for more test to be done.  Everything from blood work, to body scans to seeing G.I. Specialist.  We finally had answers and were given the proper treatment which better her.

Around the age of 1 years old when we experience the wonderful world of introducing more new foods I noticed that when I would introduce eggs to her that she would become very uncomfortable and sleepy.  Many people told me to brush it off that it was nothing and here came my mother’s intuition again.  I started logging the times and days that she would have eggs and her symptoms the day before her scheduled appointment I introduced fish to her lips swelled up.  The next day I asked and persisted that she be given a blood test for allergies and also the RAST test and sure enough just what I suspected she was allergic to fish and eggs and would require and epi-pen.

My mother’s intuition has always been on alert and even my husband is amazed at how accurate these intuitions are.  Five weeks ago my mother’s intuition started creeping up on me when my 6-year-old daughter started complaining of stomach pains.  I brushed it off thinking it was just a tummy ache but the complaints kept coming.  The following week her tummy pains got worse and she would curl up into a little ball.  I figured it was a stomach bug that had been going around.  Her tummy pains would come and go at the most sporadic times and having recently changed healthcare providers I began searching for a new PHC physician.  The third week rolls around and the tummy pains are now happening at least twice a week and having other symptoms as well.  We see the doctor and he thinks that it is just constipation, I push for an X-Ray to be sure and the x-ray comes out clear.  A few days later we end up in the children’s hospital emergency room with her symptoms worsening.  All she was given was something to control her nausea, no test were done and I was not happy about it.  I eliminated things from her diet, gave her teas, kept with the medicines and she did get better but my mother’s intuition would not let me rest.  I recall speaking to my mother and telling her that I had this gut feeling that it was something more and that the doctors were not seeing it.

This past Monday I took my son to get a physical and took advantage of the fact that I was at the doctor and requested that my daughter have blood work done. After a few minutes of my charm the doctor wrote up the orders. My mothers intuition was right, something was wrong.  This morning I received a phone call from her doctor and he told me that her white blood cells were high, her liver was weak and she tested high for eosinophils.  He said he was “mind boggled” as he was not expecting these results.  He later called me to tell me we would need more blood work done, a stool sample and that my daughter would be tested for Celiac Disease. Not only was this going on but yesterday I also had a doctors visit and there are some things of concern going on with me as well which will be getting followed up on next week.  All of this while planning our move to Japan.  When it rains it pours right?!

Today has been a very stressful and emotional roller coaster kind of day.  We are just 15 days away from moving to Japan and so many things are going on.  My priority will ALWAYS be my children.  To all the mommies that read this blog, go with your mothers intuition always.  Push to get things checked out… 99.9% of the time our mother’s intuition is right.

I would like to thank all the people who I contacted this morning who have started prayer chains for my daughter and I and my sanity.  Your love and text messages have been overwhelming (in a good way) and I appreciate and thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart.  I have not been answering phone calls today as it’s just been one of those days but please know I am hearing your voice mails.

I am a courageous fighter, I have been through so much and whatever life throws at me and my daughter we will both be ready for a good fight.  We are strong individually and together we are invincible.  God is in control.

A&VPhoto taken by the wonderful Angie Schutt see here work at www.angieschuttphotography.com


6 thoughts on “A Mother’s Intuition…

  1. Thanks for sharing such a personal moment in your life. As the mom of a medical child, I can total understand not taking the first answer you get from a Dr. We know our children best and we are their voice and should always advocate for them. Love and prayers your away.

  2. Elisa says:

    You leave me with tears in my eyes. You are an amazing mother, friend, wife! The unconditional love you give your kids is priceless Vanessa.
    You go about your days and you dont let anyone or anything stop you. I love it!!

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