Project 365- Day 4 (life through my childs eyes)

Ever wonder how your children see the world?  We spend all this time as parents trying our best to teach them about life and the world around us.  We do everything we possibly can from the best study materials, to the books they read, even research what school would be their best fit.  We go above and beyond and we are confident in what we do because we are parents and we know what and how to teach our kids right!?

I “gifted” my daughter my old digital camera and she was so excited.  She immediately began taking pictures of everything and I mean EVERYTHING!!!  A crack on the wall, a piece of paper, you name it she photographed it.  Tonight, as I sat here in my hotel room on my laptop contemplating what this blog should be about I inserted the SD card from her camera and was AMAZED at the photographs she had captured.

Sure there were tons of pictures of random people and every dog that walked by her but, there were some really good thought out pictures in which she actually staged.  Out of all the ones she took there was one that by far was my favorite!

As we were walking around Seaport Village, I saw her grab these little yellow flowers.  We walked over to this fountain and I saw her place these flowers down.  I noticed she kept taking picture of the same three flowers.  At one point, I even told her that she had taken enough pictures of them.  She replied, “it’s not coming out right mommy.”  She continued to take pictures until she was satisfied.  I am mind blown at the fact that my daughter saw this as beauty and that she was able to stage something so simple to be so beautiful and captivating.  Well, at least in my eyes its beautiful and captivating 😉  I love taking pictures of nature, of things in their natural elements.  She staged and captured something that I would have staged and captured.  Like mother, like daughter right!?  I can’t wait to see how my daughter views life and this world through her eyes with a camera.  I am thrilled with her new found love for photography and I hope to get a better look into my daughters soul as she captures the moments in her life that are beautiful to her.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” -Angela Schwindt



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