Project 365- Day 5- Girl-friends

What can I say?!  I have been blessed with the most amazing, strong, intelligent, humble, courageous and beautiful girl-friends and girl could ever ask for.  Our friendsships are not like high school friendships in which we are inseparable but they are the most uplifiting group that I know I can turn to at any given moment.  What makes my group of friends unique and special is that we are all from different walks of life.  Different ages (but let’s not go there) :p different personalities, which you think might clash but we make it work.  My group of friends has been through everything from cancer, siezures, surgeries, deaths, divorce, child losses, new home owners, new additions to the family, new jobs, new goals, weight loss, half marathon accomplishments, becoming grandmas, blessing from above, and every other thing in between.  You name it and one of my girls has had some kind of experience with it whether directly or indirectly.

I had the privilege (every time I am in their presence it is a true priviliege) to have dinner with some of these ladies last night.  I loved every minute of our conversations and was humble at how amazing these women are.   You see what makes us different is that we have never once NOT ONCE gotten mad at eachother or into a catty argument.  We all agree to disagree, we don’t hold judgement but what is truly amazing about us is that we support and lift eachother higher at all times.  We are very vulnerable beings and I loved the fact that last night at least every one of us at some point vented and had tears in our eyes and their were no judgements just words of encouragement…a peace of mind that it would be ok and that WE would make sure it would be ok.

Words can not express the gratitude and genuine LOVE that I feel for these women.  I am going to miss them physically but emotionally and mentally I know our friendships will grow even though we will be miles apart.  Ladies, when I say I love you, I mean it!  As tears fill my eyes as I type I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being YOU!  With all you faults, your highs and lows you all are bad asses in my book and I would not trade you for the world.  Love you and god bless you.



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