Project 365- Day 6- I am at peace….

The day had finally arrived!  Today we were going to get answers to the long awaited results of what is going on with my daughter.  I was ready for any and everything.  She was tested for her hemoglobin, anemia, parasites, bloody stools, lead, TB, Celiac Disease, liver and kidney functions and IBS.  All of these lab results were in except for one, the IBS.  The results all came out negative with the exception of Celiac Disease.  As I mentioned in a previous post in order to be positive you have to test higher than 6, negative would test lower than 6, my daughter tested right at 6 not giving us a clear answer. 

So what next?!  Well, there is one more test that is specifically used to confirm whether or not a person has Celiac Disease when the blood work is unclear.  That  “test” would be to have a biopsy done of her small intestine which means my daughter would have to be put to sleep and have a tube inserted through her mouth, down her throat and into her intestine to get the biopsy.  At first, I was all for it.  YES! whatever had to be done lets do it.  Then I came to realize that Celiac Disease can not be cured and can be controlled by just changing ones diet.  If that is the case then why not just change my daughters diet as if she does have Celiac Disease and not put her through the biopsy.  I pondered this all day.  I talked to family and friends.  I even had a conversation with the Doctor and he said that medically that’s what the protocol is but that as a Doctor he said if I decided to just go ahead and change her diet that it would be fine.  My daughter is healthy and not malnourished.  The only concern he had was that her growth has slowed down.  She is a petite little thing, I am not too concerned about it but he would like to know why.  Her doctor has agreed to keep in contact with us via e-mail and is willing to contact medical in Okinawa to share my daughters medical history so that she can be seen and treated accordingly if need be.

Although, I do not have the answers I was hoping for I have peace in my heart and my mind is at ease.  I just have to go day by day.  She is happy, healthy and very energetic and I am leaving her full health and care in Gods hands.  We will continue to push for answers once we are on the island but for now we have to just let it be.

Joyce Meyer once said, “Faith is the only thing I know, that is Stronger than Fear”  I shall fear no more, for I know God is watching over us.


Much love and blessing to all.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers.  Good Night!


5 thoughts on “Project 365- Day 6- I am at peace….

  1. susie says:

    Been waiting all day to hear how it went. Your right if its just a matter of changing her diet then so be it. Gluten-free diet is good for all of us! Celiac or not. Great job on keeping your spirits up 🙂

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